Welcome to TechMAC

TechMAC Pty Ltd is a leading project review company. TechMAC conducts Intellectual Property reviews and audits.  We assist our clients better manage their investments and investment partnerships from concept to commercial reality.

At TechMAC we assess research investments, manage investment partnerships and find the best possible protection and markets for the innovation or products.

We have over 26 years experience in agricultural, government and private sectors. Taking the time to understand the challenges and complexity facing investors and inventors is important.  We take time to understand and protect the Intellectual Property of our client’s research and innovations investment.

Intellectual Property Reviews

We have a network of highly experienced professionals who have expertise in R&D project management, business and commercialisation management and Intellectual Property management. Our mission is to ensure our clients are provided with the best solution to their needs and their ideas and products are protected in their marketplace.

We have extensive experience managing research and development teams, sales teams and commercial partners and in developing commercial business plans.

We believe that understanding your IP position should not be that hard.