With extensive experience in research, technical roles and the regulatory environment, Nerida O’Shea walks our clients through the approval process of regulatory bodies such as the APVMA and Department of Agriculture – Biosecurity (formerly AQIS).  She brings a broad range of skills to TechMAC in the area of data analysis and interpretation and strong submission writing skills for companies wanting to register new products, formulations or undertaking label updates for use in Agriculture and urban environments, government, research and private sectors.

For more than 15 years Nerida has worked in multidisciplinary environments both in Australia and internationally.  Nerida has a particular expertise in data assessments, preparing reports and liaising with clients on their product development needs. She promotes open communication with the regulatory authorities to obtain approval and registration of a wide range of agricultural and domestic products.

After several years in industry and research, Nerida worked for IP Australia as a Patent Examiner in 1996.  During this time Nerida honed her report writing skills which required great attention to detail to excel in this position.

In 2004 Nerida joined DeGroot Technical Services to provide technical and regulatory expertise to agricultural, veterinary and home garden chemical industries.  She was responsible for reviewing and interpreting data assessments and for preparing submissions to APVMA and AQIS.  

Nerida has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Chemistry from the University of Queensland and has enjoyed a varied career in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Family is very important to Nerida, especially her children as they venture into their respective worlds of engineering, IT and The Arts. She also enjoys the discipline of training in karate and is a second Dan black belt.