Dr Steven Davis 2

Dr Stephen Davis has been operating in the commercial technical space for 26 years and has experience across the full range of commercial activities from being an R&D scientist/engineer, R&D Manager, founder and CEO of start-up companies, CEO of a manufacturing company within a multinational group, and a consultant for technical companies.

Steve has a technical domain background in applied chemistry and physics, particularly in relation to scientific instrumentation and sensors. This has extended into a variety of market sectors including agriculture, for example sensors and control systems for irrigation and evaluation of robotic shearing.

He has evaluated numerous commercial proposals for innovative products across a variety of domains. One of the skills he brings is business and strategy evaluation.

Dr Stephen Davis has considerable experience in IP generation and management. Even in senior management roles he continues to remain very close to the technology coal face and is an inventor on 20 patents where he has also been the principal author. He has a wide range of experience in managing the product development process from concept to market, both as a director and managing director of numerous successful start-up companies as well as in large multinational corporations.

Steve has in depth knowledge and expertise in business planning, strategy development and venture capital raising. He has been Managing Director of PD Analytical Pty Ltd since 2002 providing strategic business advice, product development, project management and CEO services.