Dallas Gibb

In 2008 I acted on an opportunity to assist a wide group of people gain value from their innovations and ideas and started my own company TechMAC – Technology Management and Commercialisation Company.

Over the last 8 years I have worked with a wide variety of Industry and State bodies, helping them train their staff and develop their own IP registers so they can track and manage their IP Assets more effectively.

I have also worked with a number of smaller individual clients who needed someone to help them assess their product or idea, find a market for their product and then find strategic partners to get their product into the market place.

Research & Industry

Helping Researchers and Industry protect their ideas and innovations and then getting them into the market where they could help solve a problem for people and assisting successful small to medium business and innovators to protect and benefit from their ideas, inventions and products by assisting them to understand the life cycle of a concept to market place is a challenging but rewarding role.

For over 20 years I worked in the Agricultural Research and Development Industry, initially in sales for multinational companies and then as an extension officer in the Cotton Industry. As an extension officer I was responsible for taking the great research and ideas out into the field to help producers adopt better work practices and farming methods to improve production and yield while lessening the impact on the environment.

In 1995 I became the National Extension Manager with the Cotton Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Cotton Production and Director of the Centre of Excellence for Cotton, Pulse and Oil Seed Improvement. It was through this position that I had a greater role managing researchers and their innovative and novel ideas and linking them with partners who could take their products into the market place. In this position I was responsible for over 60 research and technical staff, managing projects with the value in excess of $10 million dollars.

As the Research Program Manager for Biotechnology, Water Management and Value Adding, and Manager of Intellectual Property with the Cotton Research and Development Corporation I further developed my skills in Intellectual Property Management by undertaking further University study to attain a Masters in Law Industrial Property (Intellectual Property) at the University of Technology Sydney.

I also developed collaborative projects with international businesses to value add to the cotton industry and have formed many close relationships with those businesses.

As a Registered Trade Mark Attorney with IP Australia I regularly update my skills in Intellectual Property and Trade Marks to ensure my knowledge is current and that I am up-to-date with this ever-changing area of law.

In my role I am regularly engaged in the process of IP Management and Protection, trademark applications and management, contracts, confidentiality agreements and memorandums of understanding with the aim of protecting your ideas so that you are in control of what happens.

This area of law is exciting and fast evolving but for many quite intimidating. After nearly 9 years working in the Intellectual Property Law arena I have built up an experienced team who can help demystify how to protect intellectual property and the patent protection process. We assist with copyright ownership and trade mark applications and protection.

My goal is to make the journey of idea to market as smooth and simple as it can possibly be.