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ip training

Good IP management can’t be achieved without staff using best management practices when managing IP. IP Training tailored to your organisations needs is an easy way to ensure the organisations IP is identified and managed to maximise benefit to the organisation.

This can be as simple as implementing simple policies and systems for the internal management of documents and communications within and outside the business.

For larger organisations, IP management may extend to employing in-house legal teams to manage IP and commercial agreements. Irrespective of the size of the business, providing  staff IP training in IP management will ensure a company will have a clear and consistent approach to managing IP.

TechMAC provides IP training in the management of IP at different levels to match the needs of the organisation. We work with small businesses that have not yet developed policies or systems for IP management, through to larger organisations that are seeking to  review their existing systems and improve staff skills and knowledge with training.

All  training packages can be customised to meet the client’s needs. To ensure that the training is interactive we use real case studies developed from experiences of the organisation. This means staff who attend the training to put new skills into practise right away.

To discuss IP Training options for your business or organisation, contact us to talk about your needs and goals.