IP Register of an Organisation’s IP Assets


ip registerAt a basic level, an IP Register is a record of an organisation’s IP Assets. This may be a list of registered IP such as patents, designs, software developments, trademarks and related license agreements that have been developed for such assets.

However, in implementing best practice in IP management, an IP Register should be used across an organisation to record ideas or products as they are developed, through to communications made with commercial partners about product sales. It should represent a record of a product’s life cycle.

Some of the key elements of an IP Register include:

  • IP outcomes of project investments.
  • IP ownership rights.
  • Key background or third party IP used in the final product.
  • Lead developers, responsible business managers and attorneys.  
  • Total investment made.
  • Licensing partners and a list of related agreements.
  • Critical dates regarding development, IP registrations and licensing.    

Through recording all aspect of a product’s development, the IP Register may be adapted for use across the business.  For senior managers, related reports may be developed from the register, highlighting key technology and investment risks and related management decisions.  

Research teams may use an IP Register to record the process and methods used in developing a product. This may include a list of IP search reports developed by researchers or attorneys.  Such records may prove vital in protecting the company’s IP assets should key staff leave the organisation.

TechMAC has extensive experience working with small and large organisations to develop effective IP Registers. These activities include working with senior executive managers in completing IP Audits, refining IP management procedures and linking an organisation’s record keeping systems to IP registers.

We have completed IP Audits and developed IP Registers for a number of Australian RDC’s.  If you would like to know more about developing an IP Register for your business or organisation, please contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs.