Developing Partnerships for Commercialisation


developing partnerships

The best technologies and products are often developed through the collaboration across different companies or organisations. Developing partnerships for such collaboration involves the sharing of IP and know-how as well as critical business and market information.

The first step in exploring and developing partnerships in business for the development and/or commercialisation of a technology is finding the right partner.

Some partners may have the right technical expertise, but lack the commercial capabilities to deliver a product to market. A multi-party approach can be considered. However, developing partnerships agreements around IP and commercial rights can be challenging.

TechMAC commercialisation managers have extensive experience in understanding how best to identify and develop business partnerships in R&D and product commercialisation. This experience includes understanding the right business structure and agreements that need to be developed to achieve success.

TechMAC  takes the approach to first understand the objectives of the business or investment proposal together with the overall business strategy or goals of the leading organisation seeking to develop new partnerships.

These goals and objectives will drive the selection of R&D and commercial partners. In some, cases the business goals may best be achieved with a range of partners across selected markets rather than selecting a single business partner.

TechMAC has experience in developing and managing partnerships in Australia and internationally. This includes developing partners across Europe, Asia, India, China and the USA.

If you have products you would like to commercialise through developing partnerships but are not sure where to start, contact us and we can get you started.