Data Management Agreements

data management

Over the past few years Data Management has become something business needs to think about. The amount of data we collect and rate we collect it at has increased exponentially.  Collecting data has become easy and cheap.  It’s done on a daily or hourly basis and in general we hardly notice that all sorts of data is being collected about us as individuals, as businesses and as groups.

Many people are becoming concerned about how the data collected from them is use. In the case of business, who owns the data collected is often unclear.

In our world today, the sharing of data drives innovation.  The innovations in data manipulation and use drive growth and practice efficiencies in our business operations.

As you can see from the graph below, the increase in data collection and management has fed the growth in patents and innovation in the area of precision agriculture.

data management

In rural Australia today, the benefits of precision agriculture are being felt.  There is more accurate data available, faster than ever before.  This enables farmers and businesses in the supply chain to be able to make better decisions with regard to resource use.  

The ability to make better informed decisions provide economic, environmental and social benefits.  However, without local data from individuals, farm enterprises and businesses included in the data sets used the accuracy of the data set will be less.

When it comes to the collection and use of your data, being proactive in data management and how your data is used and shared means understanding the agreement you may be asked to sign. But being active in the agreement construction between you and the service provider can be daunting.


Three questions you might like to think about as you read the contract is:

  1. Does the agreement state that you own the data or does it provide an open and irrevocable license to the service provider to use the data without informing you of how the data will be used?
  2. Does the agreement give you the ability to withdraw your data at any time?
  3. Does this agreement require your consent before your data is shared with others?

As a service provider to many large and smaller organisation, we are familiar with contracts between service providers and individuals and business.  We regularly review contracts businesses are asked to sign and can provide simple and straightforward explanations of what the contract means and any possible impacts it may have.

We can also suggest amendments so that the contract does not unfairly disadvantage one party or make the use of the data collected so restrictive that it may as well not be collected.

If you would like to have a contract reviewed contact us to discuss any concerns or needs you may have.

Or if you just want to know more about data, its management and use click through to our blog to keep reading.