IP Protection Strategy – 5 Key Points

IP Protection Strategy

  When developing an IP protection strategy there are Five key points organisations need to consider.  Knowing your outcome before you begin will make the process easier and clearer. Organisation and corporate strategy: Does your organisation have its own IP policy?  If not, then now would be the time to […]

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Managing Intellectual Property

Managing Intellectual Property is something innovative businesses need to do as part of their everyday processes.  Not managing intellectual property can cause headaches and loss in business value – something no business can afford. Does your Intellectual Property (IP) management system have a scattered approach with patents and potential assets […]

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Big Data in Agriculture

big data in agriculture

Recent Developments in Big Data in Agriculture Analysis within Precision Agriculture Big data in agriculture and its analysis is the next wave in technology to support all aspect of our lives. In agriculture, data management has long been recognised as is an opportunity to drive farm efficiency. It is only through the […]

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Data and Privacy


Farm Data and Privacy Data and privacy is a growing concern for many people.  Many growers think that the data collected from their farm is their data and is private and confidential. While this seems logical to many the laws governing  privacy have little to do with data ownership and the use of […]

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Protecting Innovation

Don’t rush into protecting innovation unless it has commercial value Developing intellectual property (IP) and protecting innovation is important but it is not something to rush into if you don’t need to. IP protection needs to be balanced against the commercial value of your innovation and your own business plans. The simple […]

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Trade Marks

Trade marks are the most common form of intellectual property owned by businesses.  A trade mark is the property of the business like any other asset. Trade mark protection is focused on protecting a sign or logo (mark) that a business wants to use or does use as a ‘badge […]

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