TechMAC Pty Ltd

Since 2008, TechMAC has grown from two people sharing the side veranda in our home to a team located across New South Wales and Queensland.

When we started we had only a few clients and worked closely with each of them to achieve their desired results.  Even though we have grown, we pride ourselves on being a small company because we know our clients value that relationship.  We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to know their business and understand what success means to them because we think that matters.

We listen closely to understand our clients’ needs, understand what they want to achieve and the desired result they are looking for.

We spend our time creating ways to better serve our clients and making sure our customer experience remains one worth having.

We work, every single day to create a better company; one that enhances opportunity and clears the road ahead of obstacles.  We believe that innovation can inspire and create change for the benefit of many.

Every one of us has something worth protecting.  We believe that understanding your IP should not be that hard.

Thank you for supporting our company and being a part of our story.


Dallas Gibb

Founder & Managing Director