What Can I Protect?

Intellectual property examples

Intellectual Property Examples

Intellectual property examples are wide and varied.  Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind.

IP covers a broad range of innovations, from artistic creations like music and paintings to inventions and symbols and designs.

IP covers a huge range of creations, even to colours in certain circumstances.

For example, Cadbury successfully registered a particular shade of purple as a trade mark, but only within the parameters of the colour of the packaging on its chocolate blocks and packaged chocolates. In many circumstances, you can register your IP and gain legal protection.

If you decide to protect your IP, you can do so by keeping it confidential as a trade secret or through various processes such as patent, trade mark, copyright, design or Plant Breeder’s Rights.

Generally speaking, patents cover inventions and copyright covers ‘artistic works’ such as music, painting and literature. Plant breeders rights incorporates new varieties of plants and design protection covers the appearance or design of a commercially manufactured product.

A trade mark distinguishes the product of one business from another and can be anything from a logo to a word or phrase.

Every situation is different and advice from an IP specialist is recommended to determine the best option for you and your idea.

If you would like more information about IP and which type of IP is right for you, contact us to discuss it further or if you are looking for more information about what is intellectual property, click here.